Sunday, July 30

Recent posts gadget for blogger using feed burner

Recent posts gadget for blogger using feed burner

Recent post gadget shows the recent articles you written on your blog in a descending order. Recent post gadgets are often used to increase the visitor or reader engagement plus to reduce the bounce rate and guess what they are really helpful in both the cases. So, you may be thinking that there are so many recent post gadgets out there then why to choose feedburner which is so simple and look very basic. Answer presents in your question that is it's simplicity it self which makes it faster and useful.

How to setup feedburner recent post gadget for blogger ?

Step1: Go to and select your feed.

Step2: Select Publicize tab on the next page and then click on BuzzBoost from the side menu.

Step3: Now , Select number of items (posts) , title and other settings you want to appear in your gadget from Feed settings and finally click on Activate.

Step4: You will now see junk of codes , as you are using Blogger you can add this gadget with just two clicks. Just select blogger from drop down menu "Use as a widget in " , Click on Go and then select your blog to add this gadget.