Monday, September 13

SOSO VPN Android App

SOSO VPN Android App

SOSOVPN is a free fast unlimited VPN service. It provides a secure and trustworthy VPN connection to bypass network restrictions, unblock any app and website. Meanwhile, SOSOVPN Free Fast Unlimited Proxy VPN keeps you anonymous when you are using network, prevent threats of hakers and network vulnerability. SOSOVPN Can also speed up your network connection in many cases.

When should I use SOSOVPN?

  • If you are using public WIFI in airports or hotels, SOSOVPN keep you away from information leakage.
  • If some apps are blocked by your ISP, like Facebook and Whatsapp in your country, you should use SOSOVPN to bypass the blockage.
  • If you can not use VoIP apps in your country, like Skype, you should use SOSOVPN to unblock them. It should help you making nternational calls in a lower cost.

Some apps are geo-restricted, only provide service to restricted countries, SOSOVPN should help you in this case.

How to use SOSOVPN?
Tap the Connect button in the app, accept permission request if it shows up, and wait for the connection to establish. You can surf Internet freely.

Totally Free, Fast speed, Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited Bandwidth.

SOSOVPN is your BEST choice.