Monday, July 31

Add YouTube videos to blogger

Add YouTube videos to blogger

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform that can be used by anyone. You can upload unlimited number of videos through YouTube with worldwide visibility But the question is how to add YouTube videos to Blogger blog. There are two methods to add YouTube videos to blogger. First one is used YouTube embed function and the second is using blogger inbuilt function for uploading YouTube videos.

I will explain both the methods but let me first explain why to choose YouTube as a video uploading platform over Blogger stock video up-loader. The first most obvious reason to choose YouTube is the space. You get limited space for uploading videos in blogger where as in YouTube there is no limits. YouTube videos do not slow downs your pages and the visitors get there favorite online video player. Also , Embedding from YouTube is much easier task than uploading videos to blogger.

Method 1: How to Embed videos from YouTube to blogger ?

Step1: Go to YouTube and open the video you want to add to blogger.

YouTube videos to blogger

Step2: Click on Share button below video and then click on Embed. Copy all the codes.

Step3: Now, Go to blogger post in which you want to add this video. Switch to HTML from top-left and paste codes where ever you want to appear your video in post.

Method 2: How to add YouTube Video To blogger using blogger in-build function ?

Step1: Open your post in which you want to add video.

Step2: Click on the video icon from the top menu.

YouTube videos to blogger

Step3: On the next screen select From YouTube , Search your video and then click on Select to add it to post.

YouTube videos to blogger