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How to create a blog within 5 minutes

How to create a blog within 5 minutes

Not only blogging is a great time pass but with a blog you can express yourself, can help others and even make money. Starting a blog is not a difficult task but keeping it up is difficult. This tutorial is on how to create a blog on a blogger platform. Blogger is a completely free platform powered by Google to everyone. Not only blogger is free but it also comes with great features and also is easy to use.

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Things to keep in mind before starting a blog ?

  1. Title or name for your blog.
  2. Address or domain name.
  3. Topic of your blog.
  4. Good description related to your blog topic.

How to start a blog with blogger completely free ?

Step1: Go to and sign up with your google account.

Step2: After sign up give your blog a name and address by which people can reach you easily. Select any of theme and click on Create a blog. You can modify theme later to your need.

Step3: Now, you will see a prompt from google asking for registering custom domain for your blog. If you want to have a custom domain , Search and buy it. Otherwise , Click on No thanks to continue to your blog.

Step4: That's it. You can now visit your blog by clicking on view blog from left-top or by entering address you gave earlier to your blog and Write new articles by clicking on New post. Happy Blogging.

How to change theme after creating blogger blog ?

 So, you have created your blog and now you want to change your blog theme and appearance to decide which works better for you. Then , follow below steps.

Step1: Select Theme from your blogger sidebar-menu.

Step2: On the next page you will find multiple themes from blogger. Select any theme , preview it and  apply which fits perfect for you.

To do in-theme changes like (Font-size, background , text proprieties and anchor text etc) visit Customize tab after selecting the theme for your blog.

How to use blogger - Quick function introduction ?

1. Posts : This function is use for creating new posts and managing (View, edit , delete) existing posts.

2. Stats : This function gives a detailed information of visitors to your blog.

3. Comments : As the name suggest this function is useful for checking out all the comment data on you blog.

4. Earning : This function is used to setup AdSense for you blog within 2 minutes.

5. Pages : These are static pages ,Using Pages you can create a page for your blog.

6. Layout : This function is used to arrange the gadgets and furthermore you can even add more gadgets to your blog easily using layout function.

7. Theme : You can select different theme or can customize existing theme using this function.

8. Setting : This function can be used to set basic properties of you blog like (Title , Description , Domain name etc).