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Kerala Ration Card Mobile App

Kerala Ration Card Mobile App

Ente Ration Card is an initiative of Civil Supplies Department of Government of Kerala. This app provides details of members in a Ration Card, Application Status and monthly quota.

Overall Features

  • View full Ration card details including card type, monthly allocation and Application Status
  • Description and other relevant details
  • Get details of all members in the Ration Card
  • Secured Access to information on demand
  • Information provided to General public
  • Enrolled users can view the complete details of their Ration Card
How to use the Ente Ration Card App: 

A ration card is a document that allows citizens to avail of services provided by the civil supplies department of the state. Kerala is one of the states that provide different types of ration to the citizens which are categorized on the basis of colour.

The Civil supply department launched a mobile app called Ente Ration Card for online processing of all the ration card services. Although it has been a long time since the launch of the app there are lots of citizens who still wonder how to use the Ente Ration Card App. If you are also one of them, then you do not have to worry as we are here to help you with this.

Ente Ration card is a mobile-based application that is currently available for Android platforms but soon iOS-based version will also be launched. It has been launched to provide easy access to Kerala Ration services to the ration cardholders in the state. 

With the help of the Ente Ration card application, users can access every information about their ration with just a click. They no longer have to visit the ration card offices or any other related place to collect a small piece of information regarding their ration card.  

With the Ente Ration card application, citizens get their ration card at their fingertips as they can get information anytime anywhere just with a click. Using this application, Kerala citizens can easily view the ration card details, and ration details of each family member. application status etc.

If you are the one who is facing issues regarding the use of the Ente Ration Card app then you can read this article till the end. Moving forward in this article, you are going to find all the information related to Kerala Ration card mobile app, how to use the app, the process to download it, application status check, ration card details, and many more.

Benefits Of Ente Ration Card App  

Kerala Ration card app not only provides ration card information to citizens in a go but also saves their precious time. Check what all benefits users get through this application mentioned below-
  • It makes the ration card information search process more convenient and handy for users. They do not have to visit any ration card office or any Akshaya centre to collect information related to their ration card. Now, they can get it just by opening the app.
  • It saves time for both citizens and government officials.
  • It facilitates transparency in the system as users can easily check their ration card details.
  • Making the system more digitized facilitates e-governance.
  • Users can check ration card information anytime and anywhere on their smartphones.  
Ration Details of Kerala citizens that will appear on this application includes-
  • Ration Card number
  • Type of the ration card
  • Photo of the ration card holder
  • TSO Name
  • Name and quantity of ration supply and commodities provided on the card
  • Name of each family member, their id, relationship with the cardholder, occupation, age, gender etc.