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Android App for Boosting The Volume

Android App for Boosting The Volume

Max Volume Booster & Loud Speaker Booster for local music player & online music player can boost volume of your phone and tablet to get louder volume than system default. Useful for listening to music, watching movies, alarm clocks, audiobooks, playing games... Volume booster also works for headphones and bluetooth speakers, 100% free and easy-to-use.

Lightweight and easy-to-use volume booster app is easy to turn, increase headphones volume as well as Bluetooth! Use our super volume booster to volume up easily and listen to super crisp, outstanding HD sound quality, as well as the fantastic duality of audio!

If you want to boost the volume to exceed the default volume of system,

If you feel the music is not loud enough,

If you are having a party and want to add more excitement,

Try this Super Volume Booster - Sound Booster and all problems will be solved!

  • Music Volume Booster & Audio Enhancer can increase all music media volume: including music, recording, audiobook, video, game, ringtone, alarm clock, notification volume, etc. Break the default volume level, listen to louder sounds for music, video & webcast.
  • Headphone Volume Booster & Speaker Amplifier support to boost volume of phone speaker, external speaker, headphones and Bluetooth.
  • Different from the normal volume booster app, Max Volume Booster combines volume control and volume increase , the control of your phone volume has never been easier! One-click to quickly amplify your phone volume to the max, you will listen to a powerful loud sound right away.
  • Efficiently boost the speaker without distortion . We've noticed that many volume boost apps will distort when amplifying the volume, so for Volume Booster, we work on providing you with a smooth sound boost experience.

Volume Booster & Speaker Amplifier Features

  • Simple, powerful & free sound control app to boost the volume of your speaker
  • Experience 200% louder sound
  • Light weight volume amplifier app
  • Simple user interface, start up with one click
  • Compatible with all bluetooth headphones & speakers
  • Volume up without distortion
  • Sleek and intuitive UI interface

Suitable for Most People or Scenes:

  • Best alarm amplifier for heavy sleepers
  • Hearing aid for the elderly hearing loss
  • Street performer's speaker
  • Optimize car stereo volume

To enjoy the max sound volume level :

  • Open Volume Booster app
  • Start your music or movies
  • Adjust the sound level you need
  • Leave Volume Booster works in the background

Disclaimer: use at your own risk. Playing audio at high volumes, especially for a prolonged amount of time, can destroy speakers and/or damage hearing.

Volume Booster is a simple yet powerful free app to boost your phone or tablet to maximize volume. Only need one tap to enjoy a louder volume than system default volume and turn your phone into a portable megaphone or loudspeaker! Try it now, the BEST extra volume booster app ever!