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Best WhatsApp Chat Locker App

Best WhatsApp Chat Locker App

WhatsApp Chat Locker is an application that provide the personal privacy on their chat conversation. this will Protect your conversation from reading by other users. People concerned with privacy will find the perfect opportunity with Chat Locker App to add an extra touch of security that the popular chat app WhatsApp needs to prevent other users from viewing your content.

This app is ideal for:

  • Unique Application that provide locker for chats conversation.
  • Anyone who want to secure their friends conversation.
  • Anyone who want to secure their group chats conversation.
  • Quick and simple design to provide the easy interface.
  • Application with simple popup to understand use of application.

After installation it will ask you to set a Password with hint option, and will show the conversation screen to add lock on that chat conversation.

You can customize password, also use hint password if you forgot your password.
Single click to remove the protection from conversation.
You can also activate and deactivate the protection from Application.

This app uses Accessibility services to function application, it will only checked app name to show lock screen

Like many people, you likely have your device locked with a simple code that keeps people from digging through your stuff, but once you get past that small barrier all your information is in everyone’s reach. Hence why there’s Chat Locker App, a very simple-to-use tool that adds a new layer of security to your WhatsApp account by blocking access to it with an extra code.

To setup Chat Locker App you simply have to enter a series of four digits, confirm the code, and then enjoy giving up your worries about anyone peeking at your most private conversations.

Rest assured that your chats are safe with that extra touch of security guaranteed by Chat Locker App.