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Android App for Magic AI Avatars

Android App for Magic AI Avatars

Transform your photos into mind-blowing AI avatars! Our advanced AI generates 200+ stunning avatars in various styles. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before! No account is needed – try it out now!

See yourself as an astronaut, in photorealistic pictures, painted in vibrant colors, and in a lot more breathtaking themes. Upload your pictures and let our AI avatar generator magically do the rest!

Upload photos of yourself, create your own AI-generated avatars.

All you need to do is upload multiple avatar photos of yourself (or you and your partner, or your dog or cat). Profile AI will generate hundreds of avatars for you, including dozens of styles, scenes and poses.

The AI generated avatar results include the following styles:

Professional headshots, Desert punk, Zombie/Halloween themed, Christmas themed, Jungle waterfall,Dating app photos, Medieval, First Person Shooter, Instagram model, Space Cyborg and more.

Profile AI can help you:

  • Make professional avatars of various styles for yourself and friends;
  • Make exquisite head portrait photos for Halloween and Christmas;
  • Feel your surprise image in different scenes such as outer space and jungle;
  • Appreciate the image of yourself in ancient times;
  • Make a special date gift or birthday gift for your partner, which will definitely bring surprise!

You can share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. You can easily let your friends see the beautiful reminder photos you made. Get ready for your friend’s jealousy!

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