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Photo Editor for Android

Photo Editor for Android

Professional photo edit with advanced editing tools. EPIK is a photo editing app that will put in your hands many tools to give a professional finish to all your photos. These tools will allow you to correct the color of a photograph that has turned out a little burnt or to retouch the jaw contour of a person who appears in that same snapshot.

Main features

  • Professional editing features
    For color : HSL, Curves, Split tone, Lux, Grain, Vignette
    For perfection : Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective
  • Perfect portraits
    Retouch to remove blemishes, natural Face, trendy Makeup
    Touch up, Body, Paint, Hair color, Relight, Mosaic, AI Skin, AI Hairstyle, Reflection
  • Artistic photo styling
    Trendy Effects, Stickers, Text, Brush, Time stamp, Draw shapes, Spot Color

Creative tools

  • Templates updated weekly
    Use customizable templates for easy editing
  • Unique style made by you
    Add photos, create stickers using Cutout, use Brushes in your own way, and Create my own filter that is unique
  • Background, Color frame, Border, AI filter, AI Expression

Find plenty of premium features for that perfect photo!
Cutout, Remove, Selective, Patch, Relight, Mosaic.
Layout, Batch Edit, Collage, Enhance

One element that differentiates EPIK from other similar apps is that, although the results offered are of a very high level, using it is very easy. Performing the most common edits, such as cropping, rotating, mirroring, color curves, graining, white balance, etc., is very easy. A couple of taps on your device's screen will be enough to carry out any of these changes.

In addition to these usual tools, EPIK also has a series of features designed explicitly for retouching faces which, once again, will allow you to obtain spectacular results without any effort. You can reduce the size of the forehead, widen the chin, increase the size of the lips, raise or lower the eyebrows, and much more— all with a single touch. Improving the look of any photograph has rarely been easier.

All the tools described so far allow you to improve or enhance your photographs. But EPIK also has a wide range of artistic features, exclusively oriented to enable you to carry out spectacular creations from your mobile device. You can create all kinds of collages and use many filters and templates to uniquely present your favorite photos. Every day, you will also be able to download new templates.

EPIK is one of the best photo editing apps you can find on Android. This is a very useful app whether you want to give a subtle touch-up to a portrait or if you want to create striking collages. And best of all, the application is completely free of charge.