Friday, February 10

Super ChatGPT App for Android

Super ChatGPT App for Android

We've all heard of Chat GPT, the chatbot that has been trending for the last few days. While it's an amazing AI chatbot, it has a few limitations. For starters, ChatGPT has been trained on data until 2021, so it is unable to write on topics beyond 2021.

If you search for the best Chat GPT alternative on Google, almost all the top results on the first page will mention ChatSonic as the best ChatGPT alternative. ChatSonic is the only ChatGPT app that surpasses the limitations of ChatGPT.

ChatSonic can do much more than what ChatGPT does:

Provides up-to-date factual information on current affairs by using Google's knowledge graph, We've integrated Google search into our AI chatbot to provide hyper-relevant content on any given topic, so you can always stay up to date.

Generates digital art and paintings from chat
Chatsonic can also generate stunning digital artwork and images using AI models like Stable Diffusion and DallE to help you bring your ideas to life.

Understands voice commands and talks back responses like Siri
Why write when you can speak? Ask ChatSonic what you need via voice commands and have it read back the responses to you, just like Siri or Google Assistant does—you’ll be surprised!

Remembers your previous chat history and replies to follow-up questions contextually
ChatSonic maintains the context of your conversations just like you would with a person. It remembers past questions or comments in your conversation and can easily answer follow-up questions. It feels like you’re talking to a human.

Gives you the option to share, edit, or download your conversations
Share a specific response or even your entire conversations with your friends, colleagues, family, and followers.

Talk to a Personalized Avatar
Talk with your own personal avatar! Select your personality - English tutor, fitness trainer, Math teacher, and more - and ChatSonic will behave like them, providing accurate answers.

ChatSonic by Writesonic was one of the top products of the month on ProductHunt last month with 3000+ upvotes. We're excited to bring you this amazing AI chatbot, and we hope you'll try it.

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