Tuesday, August 9

Online Traffic Challan Payment

Online Traffic Challan Payment

Sometimes we break traffic laws without even realising it. You may have violated a traffic regulation if you live in Kerala or recently travelled through the state and received an e-challan notice. 

You have nothing to worry about because you can clear the penalties in just a few steps thanks to the ease of paying challans online. Learn how to pay and check the status of a Kerala traffic police challan online in this article.

We know you don't like waiting in lines to pay traffic fines, and in our daily lives, we frequently forget our fine due dates or even the amount of the fine itself! Don't worry, because everything is now technology-driven, which means you can now check and pay your traffic fines online at your leisure.

You can now check if a challan has been issued in relation to your vehicle by simply entering your respective vehicle registration numbers and then paying the fine online by following simple steps.

It is straightforward. Visit the state transportation department's website, navigate to the e-challan payments section, then to the traffic violation payment section, and click on the type of violation for which you must pay the fee.

Now enter the e-challan or vehicle registration number, your payment information (Debit/Credit/Paytm), and pay the fine. Your payment will be confirmed by SMS.

These days, the rules are very strict. If you forget to pay your challan fine or do not pay it for any other reason, the court will send you a summons to your home address and you will be called to explain your actions to the judge.

If you continue to refuse to appear in court and pay the e-challan, your licence will be suspended.