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All document Scanner & Reader Android App

All document Scanner & Reader Android App

All document Scanner & Reader app comes with multiple options like PDF scanner, maker, editor, reader, converter and annotator app. You can quickly scan the docs to pdf and save PDF documents with passwords using the document and PDF scanner app. As a powerful text recognition scanner app, The free PDF scanner app scans text in the picture via camera or gallery. 

You scan QR codes using the QR code scanner app. Using the free PDF scanner app, you can easily convert pdf to jpeg and images to PDF. Easy to merge and combine pdf files into one file. The excel to PDF convertor app converts your excel, ppt and text files to pdf. You can rename, share and delete pdf files as bookmark PDF pages for future reference. The document reader app is used for pdf, pptx, excel and docs reader.

The Start Features of All document Scanner & Reader App:

Scan Documents: Smart document scanner app is a free tool to scan documents, photos, receipts, notes and much more. The docs and pdf smart scanner app scan your documents with AI-based automatic document edge detection and perspective correction. Using the PDF scanner app , you can sweep docs and sign. The Pdf scanner app scans docs notes and converts them to PDF or JPG format.

Scan QR Codes: Simply point out the QR code scanner app to the QR code or barcode whenever you want to scan. The QR code scanner and reader app scan and read various types of QR/barcodes such as URL, text, contact, product, email, ISBN, location, Wi-Fi, calendar and much more.

PDF Reader: The PDF viewer and reader app separate the various file formats to different screens such as ppt, excel, pdf, doc etc. . The all document reader app works as an excel pdf reader app and a ppt pptx reader app. The doc PDF and notes reader app supports the most useful file formats like pdf, ppt, pptx, Xls, xlsx,doc etc.

OCR Text Scanner: The text recognizer scanner app converts your photos to text with high (99%+) accuracy. You can extract text from images using the text recognizer camera app.

Convert Images to PDF: Get the perfect scan and enhance with Filters using the image to pdf Converter app. Apply basic document adjustment (Powerful Image Editor With Easily add sign) and edit PDF images. You can convert any documents with just one-click Transfer to pdf using the pdf to jpg converter app. PDF to jpg converter app for android also works as a png, gif, & jpg to PDF converter app.

Notes PDF Maker: PDF notes creator, viewer, and reader app allows you to write notes and converts to PDF files. The text to PDF maker and converter app for android functions as a study notes maker pdf app.

Merge & Rearrange PDF: Select multiple pdf files and use the pdf and word document merger app to merge and combine PDF files into one file. You can easily rearrange PDF pages using PDF merge and rearrange app.

Export to PDF: Convert webpage to PDF using the web to pdf converter and saver app for android. You can also convert any Excel file to PDF & Ppt file to pdf using the PDF Scanner app.

Get unlimited access to all the premium tools of All document Scanner & Reader app:

  • Smart OCR scanner
    Smart OCR scanner helps you extract the text from images, papers, digital prints, etc.
  • PDF Editor & Reader
    Smart scanner to scan your documents, IDs, passports, etc. and convert them into PDF
  • Smart Scanning
    Rapidly scanning system allows you to quickly scan anything and transform it into PDF
  • Remove watermark from all docs
    Remove unwanted watermarks from your recently created files

Downloading the most used app helps you carry all your digital versions of all the documents.