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Watch Your Favourite Sports Matches

Watch Your Favourite Sports Matches

Cricket match must include that it is enjoyed and loved by numerous people across the world. The professional players of cricket are adored and idolized by many fans and aspiring cricketers worldwide. The popularity of cricket is especially prevalent in countries with national cricket teams such as India, Australia, England, West Indies, etc.

Cricket is an immensely popular bat-and-ball game. It is played and enjoyed by people all across the globe. A match of cricket is played between players of two teams having eleven players each. Professionally, a match of cricket is played on a field that has a 20-meter pitch in its centre with one wicket of three stumps on each end. In this essay on cricket matches, the various forms and how they are played in matches of cricket are discussed.

A cricket match, especially, one-day match is a great show anywhere in the world. In India, many people take leave to enjoy the game of cricket particularly if it is being played between India and Pakistan. Thousands of persons feel overjoyed to see a cricket match either in stadium or on television screen.

Cricket had its beginning in the late 16th century south-east England. Afterwards, cricket became England’s national sport in the 18th century and has its global development across the 19th and 20th centuries. The international matches of cricket started in 1844. Cricket is now considered the second most recognized spectacle in the world, after soccer.

Cricket that has the longest duration and is generally considered the highest standard in the game of cricket. Here, between the two teams, each team plays a match of two innings and one single match usually lasts up to five days. It is like a trial of levels of endurance among teams and their abilities. Australia currently holds the top rank in the ICC Test Championship.

Cricket, initially said to be England’s national summer game, has gained immense popularity worldwide. Such is the popularity that it is not only restricted to the professional field, rather people of all ages and gender can be seen playing cricket in their streets and backyards. This tutorial explains the basic rules of the game. 

It provides information on the cricket pitch and the important gears used during the play. Some important terminologies and legends of the game are also discussed. The information here is meant to supplement your knowledge on the game. However, it is not a comprehensive guide on how to play. Cricket is a team sport that is played outdoors. 


Cricket originated in England and gradually became popular across the globe. This sport requires complete physical fitness and athleticism to play. The sport is played between two teams of 11 players each. Australia is the current World Champion (2015). Countries like India, Pakistan, England, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, and Sri Lanka also have equally dominant cricket teams.


Cricket is played outdoors on a ground. The objective of the game is that a team should score more runs than the opponent team. It is all about attempting to score more runs, while restricting the score and dismissing the batsmen of the opponent team. Further in the document, one can closely understand the game, its popular terms and rules.

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