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Watch Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Online

Watch Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Online

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 The premiere episode of the Mohanlal-hosted show introduced us to a batch of exciting new contestants who are set to deliver a fun-filled season.The fourth season of the much-anticipated Bigg Boss Malayalam premiered on Sunday with superstar Mohanlal as its host. The show introduced audience to its 16 contestants, including Blesslee, Sooraj Thelakkad, Lakshmi Priya, Kutty Akhil and Aparna Mulberry, among others.

The previous season went on air last year in February. However, the season was cancelled unceremoniously midway owing to the complication induced by the second wave of the Covid infections. The contestants of the Bigg Boss house in Chennai were evicted and later the property was sealed by the local authorities, who also imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the showrunners for violating safety guidelines.

When things came under control in August last year, the showrunners picked a winner based on the audience’s voting. And the winner was announced at an in-person event. Contestant Manikuttan became the winner of the last season.

It’s worth noting that the pandemic had also interrupted the proceedings of the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam.Mohanlal has also promised that the fourth edition of the upcoming show will be more exciting than the previous one. The teaser showed Mohanlal sort of making a political statement, saying, "Some people dream about creating a homogenized and docile society but it will never happen."

The launch episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam will premiere on the Asianet channel at 7 PM on Sunday. And the audience can watch regular episodes between Monday and Friday at 9:30 PM on the same channel. The weekend episodes will premiere at 9 PM. 

Mohanlal, the host kickstarted the fourth edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam by giving a tour of the newly designed house. Later, the superstar spoke about the concept of Season 4, which is " The New Normal." Mohanlal described how the world underwent a drastic change between the first and fourth seasons of Bigg Boss Malayalam. The host hinted that this season is going to bring a major change, and celebrate the "New Normal."

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 has set history just like Mohanlal mentioned, leaving the audiences in complete surprise. Bigg Boss Malayalam has emerged as the first reality show of the Malayalam television industry to bring the representatives of the LGBTQ community to the front row. The show is expected to bring a major change in the public's perspective towards the community and its members.