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Apply For Kerala Pravasi Pension Online

Apply For Kerala Pravasi Pension Online

Kerala Pravasi Pension Scheme - The Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme has been launched by initiation of Kerala government to provide pension to NRIs in Kerala. This will be done after a one-time payment of 5 lakh rupees. It also aims to benefit Pravasi Malayalis.

Those Non-Resident Keralites (Abroad-Form 1A) who remitted contributions to the Welfare Fund continuously up to the age of sixty are eligible for a monthly pension of Rs. 2,000/- (Rupees Two thousand only) after the age of sixty. 

Similarly, those Keralites who repatriated from abroad (Form 1 B) for permanent settlement in Kerala and remitted contributions continuously up to the age of sixty are eligible for a monthly pension of Rs. 2000/- (Rupees Two thousand only). 

The amount for the scheme would be given in relation to Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board that will help in the improvement of infrastructural projects. 

Special portal would be set up in relation to this scheme through which the eligible candidates will be able to know about the information pertaining to this scheme. 

The Kerala government is also looking after the development of the state, and for the same, it has initiated Loka Kerala Sabha. With the help of this, the state will make use of the resources and expertise of Kerala NRIs and make the necessary growth in the state.

As an annual remittance, an amount of 1, 52,348 crore rupees has been given. 

Eligibility Criteria
The scheme strives to benefit the non-resident Keralites during retirement or at the completion of the tenure of work pursued elsewhere. It may be noted that the scheme is not applicable for the citizens of Kerala who are already covered under the State or Central Government Pension Scheme.

Benefits Granted
Non-Resident Indians located elsewhere would receive a sum of Rs 2,000 for a monthly contribution of Rs.100. The pensions could be availed at the age of 60, until which the contributions must be consistently made. The membership would cease to exist for lack of contributions for a period of one year. However, the system seeks to reward the consistent contributor with a 3% hike for uninterrupted remittances for the entire period of five years.

Online Registration Process

The registration process should comprise of the following procedures:

  • Please visit the official registration website of Pravasi Kerala.
  • The first column of the website will mandate you to select the type of registration. Choose the appropriate one.
  • Enter the relevant details, as specified in the page; which includes the details of the nominee.
  • Affix the photo along with the signature on the right-hand side of the page. The picture to be uploaded must match the specifications mentioned in it.
  • Click on submit, after which the user would have successfully completed the registration process.

The registration should be supported by a fee of Rs.200. The fee is applicable for both online and offline mode of registration. For your understanding, the offline mode of registration is done through the forms specified above, while the online methodology doesn’t prompt the need of forms; as might have been noticed by you.

Thousands of people from Kerala works and make living outside Karala, most of them work out of country. The migration for work due to lack of employment opportunity has been the trend since couple of decades in Kerala. Most of these people are middle class or lower middle class income groups.

Many of them face financial problems while they are working in Gulf & other foreign countries also when they return back home in Kerala. To cultivate the habit of savings which can help them post retirement or during financial problems, the Government of Kerala has setup a welfare board and fund for non-resident Karalites (NRKs / NORKA).

Family Pension Scheme:
In case the person who took up the pension scheme and made monthly contributions but is deceased, his family members gets the pension under the scheme
Eligibility: Family member of the deceased pension scheme contributor

Pension scheme for Invalids:
Pension scheme for the contributing members who got some sort of disability and not able to pay further
Eligibility: Contributor who payed for more than 3 years to the welfare fund and is now disabled