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“If you give a hacker a new toy, the first thing he'll do is take it apart to figure out how it works." ― Jamie Zawinski

Get access to your hacked Facebook account

If you ever come across a stage where you find that your Facebook account is hacked and password is changed by someone, this can give you goosebumps. Facebook is the most used social network with highest active users and getting your account hacked is a common issue. Facebook ensures high security for facebook accounts but sometimes things can't be controlled completely. Hacked facebook account means you have no access to your account and your personal data can be compromised by a hacker.

Turn AUX input speaker into Bluetooth speaker

Using an aux input only sound system is nothing more than a hassle, As you only get limited access to your cell phone while using it with sound system and it becomes very hard to roam around with your cell phone while using aux input system.There are some other disadvantages like faster wear and tear of the aux port due to more use, connection to smartphones or devices with no aux output. In recent time you may have noticed that some of the popular brands have discontinued support for an aux port in their latest models and to avoid carrying additional parts for connecting the smartphone with aux input system you may need to replace your sound system completely, Which is a very costly solution.

AUX input speaker into Bluetooth speaker

best platforms in India to buy bitcoin, ripple and other cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, these currencies are decentralized in nature which means the central bank is not involved and due to peer to peer connection, there is no medium in between. Bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and bitcoin cash all are the form of the cryptocurrency.

best platform in india to buy bitcoin , ripple and other cryptocurrencies

How to use PIP (Picture In Picture) in android oreo

The picture in picture feature allows you to access two apps simultaneously, similar to split window but the difference is that you can drag app supporting PIP to any of the corners and while you can continue to access your smartphone. Currently, picture in picture mode is available for limited apps (Google Chrome, Youtube, Maps, WhatsApp, Duos). PIP feature is specially helpful in case of videos. Like if, you are watching a video on chrome or YouTube and you want to use another app while playing video then PIP will definitely help you. The function of Picture in Picture is identical for each app but to achieve it you may need different steps.

Can we cancel JIO phone pre booking

I got many queries regarding JIO phone last week and the most popular was how to cancel the pre-booking for jio phone and get your cash back. Even I search this topic on the internet and found that there are so many people who want to cancel there pre-booking for jio phone. The reason for this could be the poor quality and speed of jio phone. So, the question is can we cancel the pre-booking for jio phone and the answer is simply NO! 

cancel JIO phone pre booking

How to earn money with amazon associate program

Amazon Associates is a most popular associate program on the web and was launched in 1996. Website owners, Web developers, and Mobile app owner can make money by advertising millions of new and used products from Website owners and bloggers (Amazon Associates) needs to create links for promoting products and when visitors click through these links and buy products from Amazon, website or blog owner earn referral fees. It’s free to join and easy to use. You only need to create a link and then add this link to your website or mobile app to start promoting and earning.