Monday, January 8

How to use PIP (Picture In Picture) in android oreo

How to use PIP (Picture In Picture) in android oreo

The picture in picture feature allows you to access two apps simultaneously, similar to split window but the difference is that you can drag app supporting PIP to any of the corners and while you can continue to access your smartphone. Currently, picture in picture mode is available for limited apps (Google Chrome, Youtube, Maps, WhatsApp, Duos). PIP feature is specially helpful in case of videos. Like if, you are watching a video on chrome or YouTube and you want to use another app while playing video then PIP will definitely help you. The function of Picture in Picture is identical for each app but to achieve it you may need different steps.

How to activate picture-in-picture for any supported app?

Step 1 : Go to setting > Apps & notifications > App info.

Step 2: Select app from the list, then turn on picture-in-picture in the advanced setting.

How to use picture-in-picture in chrome?

Open any video in chrome, click on full-screen and then press the home button to achieve picture-in-picture.

To close picture window simply drag it towards any corner.

How to use picture-in-picture in YouTube?

Play any video and then simply press the home button to achieve picture-in-picture. The picture-in-picture mode is currently available for the YouTube Red, Which is the paid version of YouTube.

To close picture window simply drag it towards any corner. To use PIP mode in any other supported app, you have to simply click on the home button while using that app.


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