Wednesday, March 21

Turn AUX input speaker into Bluetooth speaker

Turn AUX input speaker into Bluetooth speaker

Using an aux input only sound system is nothing more than a hassle, As you only get limited access to your cell phone while using it with sound system and it becomes very hard to roam around with your cell phone while using aux input system.There are some other disadvantages like faster wear and tear of the aux port due to more use, connection to smartphones or devices with no aux output. In recent time you may have noticed that some of the popular brands have discontinued support for an aux port in their latest models and to avoid carrying additional parts for connecting the smartphone with aux input system you may need to replace your sound system completely, Which is a very costly solution.

AUX input speaker into Bluetooth speaker
Using our method to turn aux input system into the Bluetooth system you only need to buy an aux to Bluetooth converter, which will cost you only 200-300 bucks. You can use this aux input to Bluetooth input conversion method for any speaker which supports aux. You can also use this method to turn your car audio system into the Bluetooth enabled system or your earphones/headphones to connect with Bluetooth.

Advantages of Bluetooth over AUX only sound system
  • No more Wire hassles.
  • Connection to smartphones with no AUX port or with damaged/Non-working AUX port.
  • Access to the smartphone - with aux free system you can use your smartphone easily.
  • No need for carrying additional parts.
How to turn your home or car Aux speakers into Bluetooth speakers?

Step1: Buy any AUX to Bluetooth converter, you can buy it from any online store at a very cheap price. Below is some picked product from Amazon to buy directly. You can even buy from any other online or offline store of your preference.

Step2: After receiving the product, charge it completely and connect to your sound system.

Step3: Long press the button on the converter to put it into pairing mode. Now, turn on your smartphone Bluetooth,  Search and connect with the aux to Bluetooth converter.

That's it, Now you can enjoy your favourite songs without worrying about AUX cable. Happy listening.