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Get UAE License Easily Using Indian License

Get UAE License Easily Using Indian License

Can I drive in Dubai with Indian license

Can I drive in Dubai with an Indian license is one of the most asked questions by Indians living in the UAE. Well, the short answer is NO. You can not drive in Dubai, UAE, with an Indian license. With a regular Indian license, you cannot drive in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

However, you can drive in Dubai with an Indian license if you have an international driving license (You can apply for it in India) which is valid for UAE. Please bear in mind this rule is only applicable if you are on a tourist visa. If you are living in UAE or doing business in Dubai, then this rule won’t work.

You must apply for a locally issued driving license if you hold a resident visa or have a business setup. Here you can read more about How to get a UAE driving license.

To give you an idea, you must apply for a driving license and register in a driving school. There are a few RTA-certified driving schools but don’t worry. These schools have so many branches at different locations. 

Registering yourself in a driving school is a must, but attending the classes depends on your Indian driving license age. However, you have to clear a bunch of different tests, and one of them is RTA Theory Test.

You can download our official RTA Theory Test Mobile application to practice the RTA Theory Test.

If you have decided to apply for a Dubai UAE driving license. Follow the procedure of UAE driving license. Talk to local people and ask your friends who have cleared the driving license. You can also watch videos on Youtube, there are so many people are sharing their personal experiences. We have a complete dedicated category for driving in Dubai. There you can learn more about driving fines and other important rules and laws related to driving in Dubai.