Sunday, August 27

Mukesh Ambani Birthday Free Recharge Offer

Mukesh Ambani Birthday Free Recharge Offer

According to Cyber experts, Viral Mukesh Ambani Birthday Free Recharge Link and Free Jio Recharge link can be a scam where cybercriminals could be looking for your personal data. Either they can use the data to call and defraud you or for your identity theft.

A fake WhatsApp message has gone viral, promising to offer free Jio recharge to some random users.

The message says “ Mukesh Ambani Birthday Offer: Free Unlimited Recharge for 28 Days.” To claim the free recharge one has to click on the link and complete questionnaire.
There is a timer set to create an urgency to open the gift box that has reward.
On completing the survey, users have to submit there information. Once you end the survey, it asks you to share the message to 5 WhatsApp groups or 20 friends.
They claim that you can get free recharge of Jio for 28 days.

If you have clicked on the link by mistake, then your personal and banking data is at risk of being leaked. So if you want to save your data from leaking then contact us on WhatsApp.
If you have come across a link that claims to offer a free Reliance Jio recharge worth Rs 555, do not click on it. The news of Jio offering a free Rs 555 recharge on account of the birth of Mukesh Ambani’s grandson has been floating on the web. Users are asked to click on a link to avail the offer. However, upon investigation, it was found out that the link is fake.

Reliance Jio is not offering any such freebie to its customers. The Himachal Pradesh State Cyber Prime Police confirmed that the link is fake and advised users to not visit the website. Let’s take a look at more details around the fake Reliance Jio Rs 555 offer viral message.
The message claims that all Jio users will be given a Rs 555 free recharge plan in order to celebrate the birthday of Ambani’s grandson. “As Mukesh Ambani becomes grandfather, all the Jio users are being given free recharge worth Rs 555. I have received the free recharge, so can you.
In order to avail of the offer click on https://c***.ly/N***arg link (name hidden for users to avoid clicking on it). The offer is valid only till March 30.”

Reliance Jio has not announced any such offer. The Himachal Pradesh State Cyber Prime Police had previously confirmed that the link is fake. Upon clicking on the website, users are redirected to another malicious website.
It is advised that you do not click on the URL as it could capture your sensitive personal information.