Friday, August 11

Hidden Devices Finding App for Android

Hidden Devices Finding App for Android

Spy bug devices are very common. They are everywhere. Try to be safe by using Detectify - Detect Hidden Devices. Our app helps you find potential hidden devices nearby. This app uses an algorithm to detect hidden devices using magnetometer readings. When the magnetic field value is higher than usual, the app alerts user to search for potential hidden electronic devices in the surroundings.

Features of Detectify - Detect Hidden Devices:

  • Simple to use
  • Helps you to find hidden devices
  • Graphical representation of Magnetic field values
  • Tips for Manual detection of hidden devices
Open the feature named Detect by using magnetometer in the app, then move your phone in your surroundings. The app will show a message that potential electronic device nearby, if this happens then check the area manually for any spy bugs. Mostly holes or gaps in the corners, such as bedside lamps, drawer locks and stuffed toys can be used to hide electronic devices. This feature may also be used as a bug detector scanner to scan the surroundings for potential electronic bugs.

Electronic devices have magnetic field which our app measures by using magnetometer sensor to give you an idea about the presence of potential electronic devices in your surroundings. Rather than using manual listening device detector you can make use of this app to find potential spy devices.

The magnetic field value depends on quality of magnetometer sensor and its position. Do not rely solely on its readings rather check the area manually to detect hidden cameras and microphones. Your phone must have a magnetometer sensor to use the app.
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