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Earning Money by Sharing Whatsapp Status

Earning Money by Sharing Whatsapp Status

With Unizone, you can earn money by sharing branded content from premium brands on your WhatsApp status. That's right, all you have to do is share and earn. It is free to use and a very good way to make some cash.

You can easily make money with WhatsApp status by promoting affiliate links on your status or by promoting others’ products, services, or apps on your status.

How to make money with a WhatsApp group?
You can make a good income by sharing app links or affiliate links on your WhatsApp group. You will be rewarded with a commission every time someone shops through your links.

What are some of the ways to earn money using WhatsApp?
There are many ways through which you can start earning money with WhatsApp. Some of them are listed down here.

  • Earn By Promoting Applications on WhatsApp
  • Earn by using PPD Networks.
  • Earn by sharing affiliate links on WhatsApp.
  • Earn by driving traffic to your blog through WhatsApp.
  • Earn by direct selling your products and services.

How to sell on WhatsApp?
You can easily sell your products and services on WhatsApp by following these simple steps:

  • Create a Business profile on WhatsApp.
  • Create and save quick replies to answer customer queries.
  • Create a catalogue for your products and add your products to that.
  • Take orders and add a picture of the product.
  • Manage inventory and other expenses.
  • Calculate your revenue after cost deduction.