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App to Hide Your WhatsApp Chat

App to Hide Your WhatsApp Chat

Are you looking for a great, comprehensive way to read messages in incognito mode and hide the Blue Double Check? Hide Chat allows you to see all messages without reading signs and blue ticks. No Last Seen, Hide Chat is the best Android app to hide read signs, Unseen hide blue tick.

Hidden Chat - No Last Seen
It’s time to recover back your privacy on social networks and chat apps. It’s not OK for most of us to show when and how we read messages. That’s what Hidden Chat does for you, Our Unseen - hide chat app gives you the freedom to read your friend's incoming messages incognito, without leaving any seen notices or blue ticks on WA.

Hidden Chat App will help you to hide your last seen mode and no one will know that you have read all the receiving text messages. Hidden Chat - Unseen No Last Seen does not need to be offline or remove the internet connection while you can read the incoming messages from our Unseen - Hidden Chat. The best part is that no worry about blue ticks.

Chat Styles: Stylish Fonts
Use our cool text generator & stylish font creator as font tricks and start conversations with lovely fun fonts for amazing looks! With Chat Styles, you can write text with cool fonts and send stylish text messages on social networks.

Listen to Audio, Watch Videos, and Preview Photos
The top advantage of using Unseen is that you can access all of its information as you see fit and without any worries. You can listen to any audio, and watch videos or photos anonymously too without going online all you have to do is enable auto-download in settings.

Chat Unknown Number
WhatsDirect allows the user to Chat with unknown numbers without saving numbers in the contact list. The direct message supports mobile number entering as well as copy-paste from the call logs facility to enter mobile numbers.

Online Usage Tracker
Online Usage Tracker allows user to track their WA usage and the online time they have to spend on their favorite messenger app. Whatslog Usage Tracker allows users to track their WA usage daily, weekly, and monthly and also calculate average time.

WhatsDelete: Recover deleted messages
How annoying it is when your friends delete their messages before you can see them? Curiosity takes over. You just found the solution. WhatsDelete is the one tool that enables you to recover text messages and any media attachments (pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers)!

Working Mechanism:
All messages are encrypted on your device so WAMR can't access them directly. The only possible solution available is to read them from the notifications that you receive and create a message backup from notification history. When our app WMR WhatsRecover will detect that a message has been deleted, WhatsRecover will show you a notification.

Status saver - Story Saver :
Story Saver application lets you download photo images, GIFs, Video of the new status and it also allows you to share media from the app with your friends. All downloaded statuses are instantly saved to your Phone or Gallery go and check it out.

How to Use?

  • Check the Desired Status/Story.
  • Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to View.
  • Click the Save Button.


  • HideChat allows the user to read messages incognito.
  • Watch the messages of your friend without being online. (protect your privacy).
  • Status saver allow you to save Images, Videos, and Share them.
  • WhatsDirect gives the liberty to send messages to contacts without saving them.
  • Online Usage tracker tracks your usage and calculates average usage time.
  • Get notified on deleting messages by Whatsdelete.