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Best Call Recording Dialer App for Android

Best Call Recording Dialer App for Android

Powerful phone calls with call recording, calls &contacts management, and dialpad. We are currently offering version 13.1.5. This is our latest, most optimized version. It is suitable for many different devices. Free download directly apk from the Google Play Store or other versions we're hosting. Moreover, you can download without registration and no login required.

  • [call management] View recent calls, which are organized into groups for your convenience.
  • [call recording] Record your calls, manually or automatically.
  • [dial pad] Quickly make a phone call with Speed dial.
  • [contact management] Manage your contacts in one place.
  • Requires Android 12 or above.

Highly customizable, but easy-to-use, True Phone provides you very convenient way to quickly access your recent calls, contacts, favorites and groups. It comes with the idea to get rid of unnecessary elements to save space for content, and make daily usage extremely easy with just-one-hand navigation.

Powerful contact manager

  • View and edit your contacts in one place
  • Easily create new contacts on specific account
  • Keep your contacts organized well with extremely powerful suggestions
  • iew desired contact information
  • Easily contact your friends on social networks
  • Easily link your similar contacts
  • Import / export your contacts from one place to another
  • Share your contacts as text or vCard
  • Create and edit contact groups
  • Organize your favorites
  • Easily access functions you need right now

Works faster than any other dialer, provides tons of unique features and also includes built-in theme manager. Try it now for free!