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How To Apply For Certified Copy

How To Apply For Certified Copy

The certified copy is a true copy of the original documents and also contain seal/stamp of the certified copy as true copy on the document i.e. Photostat. A copy of a document signed and certified that it is a true copy of the original by the official who has authorized custody of the original.

All copies furnished by the Court shall be certified to be true copies by the officer appointed for the purpose and shall be sealed with the seal of the Court.

A photocopy of a document, judgement, or record that is signed and attested to as an accurate and a complete reproduction of the original document by a public office in whose custody the original has been placed for safekeeping.

When the court passed their wording in the case then the litigant have to apply the certified for comply the order. The litigant has to apply the certified copy of daily order for knowing the stage of the case and for taking steps in the case.

The certified copy is very necessary at the time of evidence to catch the controversy and loopholes of opposite party. The certified copy gives the complete focus to the case and brings the case on the very strong stage for litigant and litigant is able to know everything about their case.

If you want to file the appeal against any order or want to file contempt in that case you need certified copy.

If you need a certified copy of either document type, you must bring the original document and the copy to the notary public. The notary will closely compare the original and copy. Once satisfied that the copy is a true copy, they will verify and certify by dating, stamping and signing the document as a true copy