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voice translator and voice typing App for Android

voice translator and voice typing App for Android


dotTranslator is a powerful voice translator and voice typing for all social.

dotTranslator is a ground-breaking interpreter for Facebook envoy, WhatsApp talk and other comparative online networking. It is straightforward and quick that no compelling reason to reorder, simply press dot button in keyboard and get majic.

dotTranslator bolsters 100+ nearby dialects, similar to English to Hindi, Hindi to Urdu, Arabic to English,.etc. The outcome is same with the most mainstream interpreter.

The most effective method to utilize dotTranslator:

  • Open any social application
  • Find input box
  • Press dot button in keyboard
  • Open voice exchange and talk

Shocking Features of dotTranslator

Application Translator
Regardless of whether you are utilizing Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/WhatsApp/Messenger, or you are getting to an application, dotTranslator can help you quickly make an interpretation of unknown dialects into your objective language without changing out to interpretation applications.

Automatic Language Detection
dotTranslator astutely distinguishes your source language and will naturally make an interpretation of content and words into the language you need.

To stop dotTranslator, simply debilitate dotTranslator totally, go to Settings > Accessibility > dotTranslator and mood killer the switch.

Authorizations Notice:
Accessibility Service: Because this app is an accessibility service, it can observe your actions, retrieve window content, and observe text that you type.