Monday, January 16

Android App for RAM Cleanup

Android App for RAM Cleanup

Powerful cleanup of memory. Just one tap start. Special knowledge and settings are NOT needed! Your phone will more smoothly run with RAM Cleanup!

Clean up (free up) the memory (RAM) to speed up (boost) your device with saving more battery and cooling down CPU. Just starting the app makes it easy to totally optimize your device.

You don't need any special knowledge for optimization of the smartphone system and performance. You can remove the animation if you want. Total memory reduction helps much faster operation with saving battery for gaming, browsing and OS itself.

Advanced functions:

  • Auto closing.
  • Auto clean function by recognition of exceeding threshold of memory usage ratio.
  • Color settings for texts, background, foreground, and animation.
  • Shortcut for customized cleanup.
  • Side launcher helps you to quick start the cleaning and many extra functions.
  • Accessibility service is used for back/home/recent app/open notification/screen move/split screen/quick settings/pointer mode and not for personal data collection. Please use this function with your acceptance.
  • Paid option for no-ad on the app and minimization is monthly subscription*.

If you do not cancel the automatic renewal within 24 hours, the contract period will be automatically renewed.

You can check and cancel the contract details from Google Play (Settings tab > Subscription > RAM Cleanup).

A great tool for clearing temporary memory. Behind the unassuming appearance of this clinker hides an impressive functionality, a system of settings, as well as a very guaranteed successful result. This will significantly improve the performance of your mobile device with just one click on the desired button.

It is important to specify all parameters and properties so that the program performs the full range of possible tasks, not just what is set by default. Well, funny animation of the process itself will allow you to track the progress of RAM Cleanup.

Try this simple and light memory cleaner!