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Android App for Sling Hit Shooting Game

Android App for Sling Hit Shooting Game

Tap to shoot. You will have limited number of Moves , so use them wisely to Advance to the new level. A slingshot is a little projectile weapon operated by the hand. A Y-shaped frame with two natural rubber strips or tubes attached to the top and bottom ends makes up the traditional design. The strips' other ends connect to a compartment where the projectile is kept. One hand supports the frame while the other grasps the pocket and pulls it back as far as is necessary to power the projectile up to an arm's length with long enough bands.

Slingshots rely on sturdy, elastic materials, often silicone rubber tubing or vulcanised natural rubber. Slingshots were a "do it yourself" project for a large portion of their early history. They were commonly fashioned from a forked branch to make the "Y" shaped handle, rubber strips cut from items like inner tubes or other sources of good vulcanised rubber, and stones of the appropriate size.

Although early slingshots were most often associated with juvenile vandals, a skillful operator might make good use of them as hunting tools. 

A slingshot could kill animals such as quail, pheasant, rabbit, dove, and squirrel by firing projectiles like lead musket balls, buckshot, steel ball bearings, air gun pellets, or small nails.

Even though it's not particularly accurate, loading the pouch with several balls creates a shotgun effect, giving the illusion of hunting small birds by discharging a dozen BBs at once.

The slingshot can also be used to shoot arrows, enabling close-range hunting for medium-sized game with the addition of an appropriate rest.

A rubber balloon sliced in half and connected to a tubular object, like the neck of a plastic bottle or a small pipe, makes up a homemade slingshot variant. In order to launch the projectile, the user stretches the balloon after inserting the projectile through the tube and into the cut balloon.

These so-called "balloon guns" are occasionally created as an alternative to the common slingshot and are frequently used to simulate the "shotgun" effect by firing many projectiles simultaneously.