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Second Phone Number App for Android

Second Phone Number App for Android

2ndLine - Second Phone Number is a free communication mobile app that enables you to create a second phone number for business affairs. Developed by TextNow, Inc., this handy phone app adds a second phone line to your mobile device so you can separate your business life from your personal life. All calls and texts are free in the United States and Canada, while international calls are of low cost .

What is a second phone number app
A second phone number app is a dialler provider that gives you a second line, which works just like your first one. It can make outbound calls and receive incoming ones, so you can easily set this up to be for specific calls and messages if you’d like your business number to be different from your personal one. This type of app is also pretty great if your device doesn’t have a second SIM slot.

2ndLine - Second Phone Number is one of these apps and provides many of the features that you can expect from a phone app. For one, you can send emojis, stickers, and GIFs in your text messages. You can do the same with images, as well. If you’d like to send a message to more than one person, you can easily do so by group messaging. You can even put signatures on your texts.

2ndLine is a VoIP service that uses your mobile data or WiFi connection to provide your phone with an additional line. Thus, instead of getting billed for your phone plan, you instead simply have to pay for your internet connection pretty much making this app free of charge if you’re contacting people in America and Canada. They don’t even have to be a 2ndLine user in order to receive your texts and calls or send you a text or call.

However, this app is only available to this region, and anyone outside of the US or Canada can’t sign up for a 2ndLine number. Nevertheless, the app is quite convenient as it allows you to make cheap international calls, receive voicemails—and even their transcripts, and forward calls to others.

You can set caller IDs, passcodes, and a Google SmartLock account, as well. Ringtones and background graphics are highly customizable, too.

You can assign individual contacts their ringtone and background to personalize each interaction. If you’re frequently on your phone and using other apps, there’s a Quick Reply function.

It lets a pop-up notification give you the option to send a reply to a message through it quickly. Your inbox for both phone numbers will be unified, so you don’t have to sort through two different locations.