Wednesday, September 28

Identify Embedded Trackers & Permissions On Your Device

Identify Embedded Trackers & Permissions On Your Device

Exodus Privacy is marketed as a tool that "tells you what trackers are embedded in apps that you have installed on your smartphone." It also informs you of the permissions that any smartphone apps on your device require. You can regain your privacy thanks to it! is a Privacy Tool under the security & privacy umbrella.

Exodus Privacy has four rivals for a range of operating systems, including Android, F-Droid, Firefox, Google Chrome, and online/web-based. The best substitute is TrackerControl, which is both open source and free. Warden, ClassyShark3xodus, and Exodify are additional fantastic apps like Exodus Privacy.

Exodus helps you to know which trackers and permissions are embedded in apps installed on your device.

Exodus - the Privacy Auditing Platform for Android Applications.εxodus analyses Android applications. It looks for embedded trackers and lists them. A tracker is a piece of software meant to collect data about you or what you do.

In a way, Exodus reports are a way of knowing what really are the ingredients of the cake you are eating. εxodus does not decompile applications, its analysis technique is entirely legal.

The Exodus website lets you:

  • check an Android application report using the search engine
  • analyse a new Android application by requesting analysis
  • go further, providing a list of tools and things you can do to improve your privacy on your smartphone

Each report will tell you what trackers are embedded into the application. By clicking on a tracker’s name, you will be taken to a page showing more details on this tracker as well as the list of applications using it. If the tracker description is empty or inaccurate, please feel free to refer to the ETIP project.

A report will also give you the list of permissions the application requests to operate on your smartphone. Some of these permissions are tagged as dangerous. This means that from Google’s point of view, the application can do bad things using this permission. εxodus uses the Google permission classification.