Wednesday, September 14

Catch Phone Intruder for Android

Catch Phone Intruder for Android

Intruder Capture, Capture intruder's selfie. Find out who touched your phone. Someone tried to unlock your phone? This app's hidden camera takes a selfie and saves it. Identify the people who try to access or unlock your phone without your authorisation.

The new Android security app from the developers of Foxbyte Code helps you detect intruders immediately when they try to use your phone. The front camera will be activated when a user takes some actions without entering the correct code.

It detects a wrong PIN, password, or pattern and acts. If the unlock failed, the app takes a picture of anybody that enters an incorrect password. You can then view the intruder photo in a secure password-protected gallery.

Who has been on your smartphone? Who has touched it? Intruder Capture is like a phone firewall because it helps you identify a person who tries to unlock your mobile 24/7 days as a phone guard. You will always know anyone who attempts to use your phone without your knowledge.

Main Features

  • Intruder Capture allows you to easily see who has tried to unlock your device without your knowledge.
  • Catch anyone who tries to play with the privacy of your smartphone
  • Works with a password, pin code, and pattern lock.
  • It is entirely silent and secret.
  • No battery drain and less memory footprint.
  • Lock Screen and App protection
  • Catch all intruder who tries to unlock your phone.
  • Save photos in the app and gallery.
  • Hide photo from gallery.
  • Captures the time and date add in the photo
  • Photo lock app
  • Phone monitoring app

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. We need this to detect failed to unlock attempts. To uninstall this app, touch Uninstall from the menu. If that doesn't work, go to Android Settings, Security, Device Admins, and deactivate the Intruder Capture app before uninstalling.