Friday, September 30

Android App for AR Sneakers Try

Android App for AR Sneakers Try

Hot or not, what do you think? Be the first to experience yet to be released sneakers. Wanna Kicks is the sneaker try on app, where you can discover fresh drops and classic sneakers with the help of augmented reality. Try the kicks instantly on your feet regardless of where you are and then snap a photo to surprise your friends.

With the app, you can:

  • Get new drops every week to try more kicks!
  • Check them out on your feet using AR view.
  • Share your favorite releases with friends.
Wanna Kicks is an augmented reality app that lets you 'try on' sneakers from all the best brands and see what they look like. It's an interesting app that uses your smartphone's camera to simulate sneakers on your feet in a realistic way.

Using Wanna Kicks is as easy as choosing a pair of sneakers from the available models, then pointing the camera at your feet. The sneakers you chose will appear on your feet on the screen, so you can see how they look with your outfit.

The app includes tons of different styles from popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Air Jordan, and Yeezy. If you love the style you chose, you can buy them directly from the app, since every model has a page with useful information and a link to the official store.

Wanna Kicks is a fantastic app for discovering new sneaker styles, seeing how they look with your outfit, and even buying them, all with absolutely zero hassle.