Monday, July 25

Auto Draw Fast Drawing For Everyone

Auto Draw Fast Drawing For Everyone

We hope auto draw will help make drawing and creating a little more accessible and fun for everyone. Convert your device into a digital auto draw with more than 80 paint brushes, smudge, fill and an eraser tool. This fast and intuitive painting and drawing application will unlock the full power of your imagination. 

With support for pressure sensitive pens (like Samsung's S Pen) your device will be transformed into a real canvas.

This is a free application with advanced features requiring a pro license in-app purchase. Single licence purchase will activate all devices associated with your Google account.

Features (some functions require pro license):

  • High performance (GPU accelerated) paint engine
  • Canvases up to 6144x6144 with 50 layers
  • Stylus pressure support
  • Pressure simulation for touches
  • 100+ brushes and tools (including smudge tool and gradient fill)
  • Create custom brushes from imported images
  • Selection and selection masks
  • Layer clipping mask.
  • 10 layer filters (HSV adjust, brightness & saturation, color curves and more)
  • Material design inspired, fast, fluid, intuitive and accessible user interface
  • Import and export supports PNG, JPG and PSD (Photoshop Document)
  • NVIDIA DirectStylus support
  • Palm rejection - no more accidental zooming and panning when drawing

Depending on device and available memory
some devices are incompatible with pressure simulation and palm rejection

You can paint, draw and draw with ease thanks to fast and fluid brush engine. ArtFlow aims to replace your physical drawpad and become universal art studio type application for Android .

AutoDraw is a new kind of drawing tool. It pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help everyone create anything visual, fast. There’s nothing to download. Nothing to pay for. And it works anywhere: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

Auto draw suggestion tool uses the same technology used in quick draw, to guess what you’re trying to draw.
Right now, it can guess hundreds of drawings and we look forward to adding more over time. If you are interested in creating drawings for others to use with auto draw, contact us here.

Auto draw is a contemporary drawing tool that employs machine learning or artificial intelligence to transform rough, horrible sketches, scribbles, and doodles into innovative, conventional icons. It is entirely free to create anything visually, and it doesn’t require anything to download. 

Auto draws the recommended tool that employs a similar technology as used in quick draw that pre assumes about what you are going to bring! It can easily predict thousands of sketches and drawings, and further additions added overtime to its interface.

It can assume a more refined icon or symbol that substitutes your coarse pictures. The app is undoubtedly compelling for fresh sketchers that are stabbing to create their streak or merely relishing with the inexpert pursuit of drawing.