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ConfiBlur Android App

ConfiBlur Android App

Now days privacy is more important. We felt hesitation many time while sharing any screenshot or image media to other person. Here comes ConfiBlur to the rescue you from exposing your confidential information while sharing media.

Key Features

Auto Text Detection
Using smart OCR solution for detecting text in images , no more manually color marking for hide information (it;s really looks piece of crape)

Blur Mode
It;'s support dual mode for hide information mark with blur or mark with solid color

Best Compression
For fast image sharing it's provide best image compression without losing media quality

Compact Size
Lite wight app to be friendly with your device space.

This app have not any direct UI Interface or launch interface to use.it will appears when you share any media file. if you want to uninstall this then go to Settings -> Manage Apps -> ConfiBlur app -> Click "Unistall".

The blur effect, also known as the bokeh effect, aids in the creation of distance between the focal point of the photograph (the subject) and the background. This optical separation technique separates the in-focus object you from the rest of the scene.

While the blur effect can add aesthetic elements to your photo, the best part is that it is completely customizable to fit the blurry look you're after. Continue exploring this editing option, and you'll discover a plethora of new ways to add or remove focus from your photo. Each editing decision you make can bring you closer to a unique new look.

To achieve the desired blur effect, you don't need a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera and lens combination. Simply take a photo with your smartphone and achieve the desired blur effect.