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Tasbeeh Android App

Tasbeeh Android App

Tasbeeh App is a brand new and stylish Muslim Tasbih App developed by Creative Muslims. It helps to count your daily dhikr and other important tasbehaat and wazaif in a very smart and easiest way. First Tally Counter Application with most Real look and feel (just like you use a physical tally counter).


  • Has the same features as Real Tasbeeh.
  • It will be your biggest assistant when making a rosary.
  • Do not worry that the rosary was left at home.
  • Keeps the numbers in mind for you while praying and continues where you left off.
  • Digital Tasbeeh is now in your pocket.
  • 65+ Beautiful & Modern Tasbih Counters with different colors, patterns and looks
  • Hear the Sound when you tap the count button. Turn on and off
  • Vibration on each tap keeps you alert. On/Off button is given.
  • Enjoy LED night mode display (Turn on or Off)
  • Muslim Tasbeeh digital counterremembers your last and total count even after you exit the app
  • Reset Alert is very helpful when the reset button is touched suddenly.
  • 65+ Elegant counters themes keeps you engaged in dhikr activity. Tap on the paint botton to change Tasbih counter colors

You can save your tesbihat with smart dhikr application which is designed as real tasbeeh counter that looks like a ring. You can use the mobile dhikr application for the names of ALLAH (c.c), Salat-ı Tefriciye and for Salaah Tesbihat. Tasbeeh application will record your all dhikrs.

Even you close Digital Tasbeeh Counter, the number of the dhikr will not erased. When you restart the aplication, the dhikr number will appear on the screen. You should press the button to pulse the number.

You can save your dhikrs as the number of dhikrs, date and the name of the dhikrs to press the save button. You don 't have to check the screen, because digital tasbeeh counter app will give you vibration warning. Digital Tasbeeh Counter has three buttons basically: counter button, saving button and pulse button.

You can adjust the vibration or colours from the buttons top on the screen. In addition to save the battary, you can use the application on night mode. Digital Tasbeeh Counter is free and you won't see any advertisement during dhikr.


  • Even you close the aplication, you never loose the numbers of the dhikrs untill you press the pulse button.
  • You can save your all dhikrs with the names and dates.
  • You can customize Digital Tasbeeh Counter with themes.
  • The application will save the energy by the help of night mode option.
  • You can dhikr with out check the screen by the help of vibration (you can close the vibration).
  • You can check your ex dhikrs by name, date and numbers.

Now you can easily count your prayers with your phone whenever you want with Tasbih Counter PRO which is published as advanced version of the Digital Tasbeeh Counter app. Also, you can save your dhikrs and easily resume on your pre-saved dhikrs. Dhikrs saved as Dhikr Name and Dhikr Count with chronological order.

Even if the Dhikr counter is closed and reopened, the dhikr counter remains constant at the last released value. Dhikr counter is deleted only with the “Reset” button. If the user has log in with Facebook to the app, saved dhikrs backed up in our servers in the home screen or settings screen. Thus, Digital tasbih counter automatically backup your dhikrs in case of changing your phone or resetting your phone to factory defaults and your previous dhikrs never lost.

With the help of vibration and sound feedbacks, you can keep counting your prays without looking at your phone. Also, with the smart touch feature you can count your prays by touching anywhere on your phone’s screen without need to touch a single button. Tasbih Counter includes dark theme feature which is named as Night Mode to prevent eye strain. With Night Mode feature you can count your dhikrs in a comfortable way for long period of time even at night. Tasbih Counter interface is designed just as customizable, thanks to different color themes.

You can use the Tasbeeh  app without an internet connection. Values on the counter are not deleted, while using the Tasbeeh  app without internet. You can continue to count your prays during the journey or in areas without internet access. Internet connection is only required for saving your dhikrs.