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Call Recorder Android Apk

Call Recorder Android Apk

Record WhatsApp calls using Call Recorder, Supports WhatsApp calls for a wide range of Android devices and OS versions. You can store your conversation and replay it anytime you need it. 

  • Not all devices support call recording
  • Use the speakerphone feature to improve incoming audio

Main features

Automatic WhatsApp recording
Call Recorder is able to detect WhatsApp calls automatically and start recording.

Audio quality
Call Recorder creates superior output audio quality, enhanced with AI routines to provide the best audible voice.

Ease of use
Call Recorder is able to start and stop recording automatically.
Automatically record all incoming & outgoing calls, whenever and wherever
High quality of audio effect: Proprietary voice engine
The most compatible tool with nearly all devices

Call Recorder
Automatically record calls to mp3 audio file format.

Call Blocker
Block annoying calls using calls blacklist: telemarketing, spam and robocalls.

Voice Notes
Speak a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed.

Everyone needs a phone call recorder at one point or another. Whether it’s for an over-the-phone interview, planning an event, or getting your crazy grandpa’s rants saved forever, the need to record your call will always arise. 

We understand our users desire to have a recorder ready and waiting at the click of a button, after all, you never know when that call you want to save will come your way, With App Call Recorder phone call recorder feature, you will always be prepared.

This call recorder app may be the easiest-to-use Call Recorder . After more than 4 months in the Call Recorder market, we found that not many users know how to use Call Recorder applications. And we make a new UX which is super easy to use for anyone to record their incoming/outgoing phone calls.