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On 6th December 1996, Government of Kerala launched the Department of Non Resident Keralite's Affairs (NORKA) to redress the grievances of non resident Keralites both in India and abroad and to have a sustainable partnership with them. NORKA is the first Department of its kind in India.


  • Welfare of NRK's · Heritage village for parents of NRK's
  • Promotion of Malayalam language and culture
  • Cultural exchange programme between the natives and Malayalees settled abroad.
  • Promotion of regional development with the active participation of NRK's
  • Social Security Network for NRK's
  • A relief fund for rendering immediate assistance to NRK's in need.
  • Organization of annual meets for NRK's
  • Resettlement and reintegration of NRKs returning to Kerala.
  • Employment mapping
  • To facilitate the creation of a high calibre human resource pool.
  • Upgrading of skills of jobseekers
  • Data Bank of NRK's
  • Channelising investments to the State
  • Prevention of illegal recruitment


For extending financial help to BPL NRKs in exceptional cases of extreme financial needs to meet funeral expenses, marriage expenses, medical expenses etc.

NORKA extends financial assistance to legal heirs of NRKs for repatriation of dead bodies of NRKs.

Certificate Authentication Centres
For attesting the educational certificates of job seekers going abroad. HRD, MEA and Embassy attestations are obtaining from a single office.

NRK Identity Card- project
The government of Kerala has entrusted NORKA-ROOTS to issue photo identity cards for the non-resident Keralites working for a minimum of 6 months in a foreign country.

Data Bank of NRKs
A sector wise Data Bank of NRKs is under preparation.

Promotion of Malayalam language and culture
To encourage the usage of Malayalam among the third generation Malayalees,

Promotion of Regional Development with the Active Participation of NRKs
To ensure that the NRKs contribute their mite for the development of their villages, NORKA has launched a scheme called My Village, My Dream.

Organisation of Annual Meets for NRKs
In order to gather active participation of NRKs in the development activities of Kerala, we should maintain good relation and co-ordination with them. NORKA Department is always taking the initiative to discuss various issues of NRKs and provide assistance to solve those problems abroad and in the home country.

Recognition of Malayalee Associations
Norka-Roots started recognition of Malayalee Associations functioning in overseas and in other states in India having more than three years of existence.

Pre-Departure Orientation Programme
This programme is intended to make our overseas job aspirants aware about general job situations abroad and to impart essential information relating to visa, emigration rules, employment contract, travel formalities etc.

Manpower Recruitment
NORKA ROOTS holds recruitment license for overseas recruitment since 2006 and has been actively conducting recruitment to various countries. Presently vide order No F-01-11012/10/2013-E. Dtd. 12.03.2015 of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. NORKA ROOTS is one of the approved agencies to recruit Indian nurses to E C R countries.

Database of Returnees due to Global Recession
In the wake of Global Economic Recession NORKA-ROOTS has initiated steps to build a reliable data bank of Keralites returning from overseas for formulating policies for their rehabilitation.

Pravasi Welfare Fund
Kerala Government has now enacted a legislation called NRK Welfare Act 2008. The Act ensures the welfare of non-resident Keralites by providing for the constitution of a Welfare Fund on the basis of a Non-Resident Keralites’ Welfare Scheme to grant relief, pension, and other benefits to them. The age limits is 18yrs to 55 yrs.