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Longer Videos for Whatsapp Android App

Longer Videos for Whatsapp Android App

All you have to do is choose a video from your Gallery/Files and the app will export it in such a way you can send it on WhatsApp Messenger without any trimming. All of that while making sure to compress the video just enough so the output quality is the best possible.

The new video is automatically saved to your Gallery when the export is done. You also have the option to share the new video directly to WhatsApp.
Bug fixes and improvements
We’ve fixed a critical crash.

WhatsApp has a file-sharing limit of 64MB file size and any file greater than this can’t be shared on the messenger. But there are cases when some urgent large files need to be shared, and in this scenario, some tricks can come in handy to share these large video files on Whatsapp. We can use some cloud services like Google Drive to directly share any size of files over Whatsapp.

Create long stories on Whatsapp
Split videos for Whatsapp Status. Easily share on any other social platform.
Post high quality, UNLIMITED length videos to social platform stories and status in fast , efficient and easy way. Now you don't have to squeeze you in limited seconds.

You have some limitations on Social platforms while posting story and status

  • In Instagram Stories you can post videos only up to 15 sec in length,
  • In Facebook Stories you can post videos only up to 20 sec in length,
  • In Whatsapp Statuses you can post videos only up to 30 sec in length,
  • In Snapchat Statuses you can post videos only up to 60 sec in length,
  • Long video for Whatsapp app helps by cutting long videos 15, 20, 30 and 60 seconds and then you can easily post your videos to these social platforms.


  • Pick a video from any folder in your camera roll
  • Split video in clips, depend on chosen social platform
  • High quality Video
  • Unlimited length video import from album
  • Fast and easy
  • Separate album for generated clips
  • Clips arrange in correct order in phone album
  • Jump to Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook or Snapchat easily after splitting the status video or story video.

You can name this app as video slicer, video cutter, video cropper, status clipper or status splitter. A must have utility application, continual status for whatsapp.