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Scientific & Basic Calculator iOS App

Scientific & Basic Calculator iOS App

FP Calculator is a calculator designed for iPad and iPhone that includes easy-to-use basic calculations, complicated arithmetic equations, and currency conversions. You can rely on it, whenever and wherever you want.

• Top Utilities Apps Worldwide

• Award-winning calculator app for iPad and iPhone


• Elegant & Intuitive interface

• No annoying ads! Enjoy all the features for free!

• Includes both basic arithmetic and scientific calculation modes

• Up to 160 currencies in the currency converter for you to choose from

• History function supports copying calculation results and equations

• Select your own decimal places for more accurate results

• A variety of keystroke sounds to suit your personal needs

• High-quality user service to help you solve your product problems in a timely manner

If you are looking for more features our Calculator APP also supports:

• Currency Converter, up to 160 currency options

• Optional calculator button sound to meet the individual needs of users

• No subscription

FP team is committed to the concept of "stay free, stay perfect" to provide users with a high-quality experience. We sincerely invite you to experience FP Calculator with hundreds of thousands of users.

FP Calculator is always there to help you.

-Just want to use simple arithmetic?

The basic calculator has basic calculation functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage to meet your daily calculation needs

Squares and trigonometric operations are too complicated?

The scientific calculator contains complex mathematical formulas to solve your calculation needs at once.

- Squares, cubes, and cube roots

- Nth power, square root, Nth power, etc.

- Sine, cosine, tangent

- Sine, inverse cosine, tangent, etc.

-Need to convert currencies in your work or life?

You can choose from more than 160 currencies, and the exchange rates are updated in time, so you don't have to ask Google every time.

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