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Download Indic Handwriting Keyboard iOS App

Download Indic Handwriting Keyboard iOS App

 Handwriting Keyboard for Indic Languages + English - The first handwriting keyboard for all Indian Languages with word suggestion, which can be accessed through out the device.

Keyboard with google suggestion

1. Hindi

2. Punjabi

3. Tamil

4. Marathi

5. Kannada

6. Gujarati

7. Malayalam

8. Telungu

9. Nepali

10. Bengali

11. Urdu

12. Oriya

                                   Video Tutorial : How Hand writing keyboard Works


• Keyboard will appear as a normal keyboard inside all the application, and can just write on the space available in it.

• Easy to switch between all available keyboards in the device by clicking the globe icon.

• Uses default iOS theme.

This is a free app which lets user to use the keyboard as device's normal keyboard. Indic handwriting keyboard can be accessed everywhere in the device, across every applications, and NOT just for a particular application.

Note : To enable tap sound and predictions, enable "Allow full access" in the device's settings.

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