Monday, January 4

Screen Off Android App for YouTube

Screen Off Android App for YouTube

 Black Me offers you the possibility to turn off the screen without interrupting the current activity.

It's very simple!
With a click you turn off display and with your favourite gesture you turn it on.
You can use it with any application, for example to watch videos without interruptions, to record long videos saving battery or simply to prevent the current activity being stopped.

Black Me offers you also a special feature dedicated to YouTube's app, by enabling it a special notification will be available automatically everytime you run YouTube.
So you can play and listen to your favourite videos with the screen turned off.

Special features:
- Clear and simple design
- Activate the service with a click
- Multiple gestures to unlock the device
- Disable black screen while receiving calls
- A floating button always over apps to turn off display
- Restart the service automatically when you restart the phone
- The implementation of an exclusive service dedicated to YouTube app

                                  Video Tutorial :How to listen youtube video as MP3

App designed to work better on AMOLED displays:
- Please notice that if your display is not AMOLED, it will not be completely turned off, but the app will work anyway :)

Required permissions:
- Draw over other apps: in order to simulate off screen.
- Phone State: in order to disable the service when user receives a call.
- Run at startup: in order to start the service if the app was running before shutting down.