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Download Best Short Videos Android App

Download Best Short Videos Android App

 Rizzle is your first and last stop to stardom. 🀩

Unleash your creative spirits with Rizzle’s easy-to-create videos.
You can create interactive videos, webseries, content, comedy bits, dance videos, makeup tutorials and much more all through one app.πŸ”₯

Tap into your creative potential with a multitude of unique features that will make your videos go viral.πŸ’―

Rizzle is home to content of all types, made by creators of all kinds; so, we can vouch, you will find your community here!

Rizzle Series ✨
• RSeries is a Web Series made with the Rizzle app on your phone.
• With 15-60 second videos that can be easily made on your phone, RSeries is your shot to fame
• Add your choice of music (pop, rock, funky or even bollywood) to extra zing.
• Cast your friends and family or even your neighbours.
• Cherry-picked library of original content created by you, curated by us.

Rizzle Studios πŸ˜»
• Absolutely free classes for dance and acting by seasoned instructors every day.
• Learn and grow with a community of actors, dancers and creators.
• Master the craft and perform in front of an already established audience in the app.
• Stand a chance to be handpicked by Rizzle content team to be featured on RSeries.

Music πŸŽΆ
• A plethora of songs and sound effects to up your content game.
• Music library with thousands of copyrighted material to suit all your content needs - be it comedy, dance, fanfiction or even cookery shows.
• Ability to trim and snip bits from entire tracks to better suit your creative needs.

Picture - in - Picture πŸ–Ό️
• Pictures speak a thousand words, so let it - with the PIP feature.
• Add that selfie or latest snap from your gallery and share the story behind it - all in just 3 clicks.
<• Dabble in different content - such as daily news, selfie stories, docu-series and more.
Truth be told, we love this feature the most - just can’t get enough of it.

• There are plenty of people waiting to collaborate with you on your video. Become popular together.
• Connect with fellow Rizzlers and create duet content - all with some clicks.
• Collabs are a fun way to engage and increase your audience.

FanQuest πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ
• Request your favorite creators to perform on music tracks of your choice.
• This super fun feature can be used on tracks you find on your feed-screen as well.

• Make videos that could become a hit series.
• Create channels for different topics and start building your community
• Movie Review, Food review, #thursdaytalks or something else - find your space and audience on the app.
• Quality content enables you to find better followers and even a chance to monetise.
Premium Model πŸŒŸ ⭐
• 30 quality videos within a month gives you ‘Premium Status’ - otherwise called, the Elite.
• Premium channels get better reach and engagement with the audience - everyone likes good content.
• Premium channels can be sponsored by other users using a recurring subscription model as follows:
• Silver level, ₹ 85.00 per 3 months
• Gold level, ₹ 85.00 per month
• Platinum level, ₹ 250.00 per month

Rizzle is a content creation platform that aims to make video creation accessible to everyone. With the easy-to-use features and exponentially growing user base, it is the perfect platform to begin your career in content creation.