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Download Alarm App for Android

Download Alarm App for Android


Don't touch my mobile phone is a warning app for mobile thief. Secure your mobile through anti theft mobile app. Find lost or stolen device and set alarm to avoid being stolen my phone. Keep anti-theft intruder away from your phone security. Anti theft my phone is a best and secure alarm app to secure you from intruder and burglar to stole data. A person will be in danger who put wrong password from wrong password alarm app. 

How to Use : Video Tutorial

Charging removal alert is a best way to know when light gone or you remove charger and your phone alert at charging removal. Anti theft alarm app can remotely lock your phone and inform you at anti touch alarm. Anti theft alarm app offer you to don't touch my phone for unlock. Anti theft is a simple app to secure your phone from intruder or burglary. 

Anti theft alarm app secure your phone from power theft. Motion alarm secure your data from being stolen. Anti-thief alarm app for Android ring when thief snatch your phone with ringing motion alarm app. Set pocket alarm sensitive feature with motion alarm to awake you at mobile stolen time.

Anti-thief alarm app is a sensitive app with mobile touch alarm and secure data with password protection. Alarm you with notification when charger disconnect or at low battery. Don't try to touch my phone otherwise you will be red handed. Motion sensor activated at theft activity or mobile stolen or ring alarm at wrong password enter. 

Turn on or off alarm at personal pin code enter or pattern unlock. Catch phone snoopers or those who try to enter wrong password or catch intruders with red handed. Set police alarm tone for anti theft or mobile thief and choose loudly alarm to immediately aware. Charging theft give you alarm notification at charging removal or data stealing or entering wrong password. Don't touch my mobile phone or don't unplug before before full charging.

Set theft alarm to avoid third party user who try to use your phone without permission. Alarm activated at pick pocket or phone thief. Anti theft phone alarm app keep all mobile stolen thief away from you. Alarm theft discover people who try to access your phone either they are serious thief or your friends try to use your phone without permission. Anti-thief security offer you to set password to secure phone and alarm way at wrong password dial. Don't touch my phone or don't remove charger without my permission. 

Theft protection app ring an alarm for thief catching. Anti theft security is an hidden eye to catch thief or third party intruder. If you worried that someone try to access your phone then try this anti theft alarm app as an hidden security for you. With anti theft phone touch app save your phone from being stolen. Don't touch my privacy of phone or anti-theft security.

Anti Theft Alarm & Alarm App for Don't Touch offer you to keep touch with phone and know when someone access your phone. While travelling enable motion sensor or pocket sensor mode to secure your phone from being snatches or theft phone. 

No one can unlock phone with password try because your mobile will alarm at wrong password anti theft alarming feature. Anti touch phone keep the thief and burglar away from your phone. Best app for thief catcher with fully alarming anti theft security for you.