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Download Photo Translator Android &iOS App

Download Photo Translator Android &iOS App

 Translate Photo and instantly recognize and translate texts from restaurant menus, magazines, websites, road signs, books etc. in over 100 languages. When studying a foreign language or travelling abroad, Translate Photo makes your life easier than ever before!

Just snap a photo of some text with your mobile, tap on your screen and get the translated text in a second!


Tutorial : How Download Photo Translator Android

Translate Photo uses the latest in-depth neural network, combined with cloud image recognition technology, to recognize text from images with high accuracy and translate imultiple languages.

Translate Photo key features:
Smart Document Edge Detection: detects edges of a document automatically and allows you to scan and translate your documents instantly;

Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR): instantly converts your scanned documents to text;

Edit Scan Images: apply filters, crop, adjust contrast, rotate scanned documents;

Multi-language: OCR and translations for multiple languages;

Text-to-Speech: listen to the translation when studying or trying to pronounce a foreign language phrase;

Multi-sharing: share scanned documents or translated texts with friends and family, print and send translations via email or text message.

Advantage of the Premium Features:

Unlimited translations

Ads-free translation experience