Tuesday, August 18

Download Indic Keyboard iOS App

Download Indic Keyboard iOS App


Indic Keyboard - The first FREE keyboard for all Indian Languages with word suggestion, which can be accessed through out the device.

• Keyboard shows English alphabets in the keyboard and convert what you type to the selected language.

• Keyboard with prediction/suggestions enabled. Normal suggestion works with out internet. If internet detected, automatically loads google suggestion.

• Easy to switch between all available keyboards in the device by clicking the globe icon.

• Uses default iOS theme.

Available Languages:

1. Hindi

2. Punjabi

3. Tamil

4. Marathi

5. Kannada

6. Gujarati

7. Malayalam

8. Telungu

9. Nepali

10. Bengali

11. Sanskrit

12. Urdu

13. Oriya

This is a free app which lets user to use the keyboard as device's normal keyboard. Indic keyboard can be accessed everywhere in the device, across every applications, and NOT just for a particular application.