Wednesday, November 15

Auto share blogger post with hashtags to twitter using feedburner

Auto share blogger post with hashtags to twitter using feedburner

Posting your every post after publishing to the social network can be very boring and time-consuming task and who don't know the importance of social network. Twitter is one of the most popular networks with millions of users. Twitter can add quality traffic to your blog. Especially, twitter hashtags , if chosen correctly can boost your social visits to greater extent.

FeedBurner Socialize service makes it easy to distribute your content to interested subscribers or followers on social networks using any FeedBurner feed you already have. The Socialize service currently supports distribution on Twitter. FeedBurner also uses your post label as hashtags for a tweet. So, you don't even have to worry about the hashtags.

How to auto-share posts to Twitter with hashtags?

Step 1: Log in to FeedBurner using your google account.

Step 2: After log in select your feed from FeedBurner homepage or create by entering your blog address.

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Step 3: After creating a feed or selecting your existing feed select Publicize from top menu.

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Step 4: Now, select Socialize from the left side menu, Add Twitter account, choose basic settings like Title, hashtag etc and save. Now, you're all newly published post will be auto-shared to twitter.