Saturday, March 4

Make Your Own Stylish Home Button For Blogger

Make Your Own Stylish Home Button For Blogger

Having a custom stylish home button can increase the attraction of your blog as well as it is also great for better navigation.Making your own home button is simple and only required two steps which includes removing your current home button and making your own home button.

Make Your Own Stylish Home Button For Blogger

So let's start step by step tutorial on making home button for blogger

Removing Current Home Button From Blogger

Step 1: Sign in to your blogger account. Click on theme (template) > Edit HTML.

Step 2: Click any where in the codes and then press Ctrl+F.

Step 3: Search For below codes and remove them, save theme.

Note: This will remove home button from blogger desktop version. Now, if you have different theme for mobile version then search and remove below codes.

Adding New Home Button To Blogger

Step 1 : Go to layout. Simply add a gadget wherever you want to appear your home button. You can Add in footer or in header wherever you like.

Step 2 : Choose HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget and paste below codes in content box.

a. Change alignment by changing center to left or right.

b. If you want to change the default home icon of the codes then simply replace the with your image URL.