Wednesday, March 1

With the Jio Happy New Year Offer set to end on March 31, Reliance Jio users will have to finally pay for services except voice calls. To soften the blow on its 100 million users, Reliance Jio has announced the new Jio Prime subscription service that will allow customer to choose low-cost plans to continue using the services. The new Jio Prime service entails a one-time fee of Rs. 99, followed by monthly recharge packs to lower their cost of 4G data usage and other Reliance Jio services.

jio prime plans
  • Jio customers can start signing up for the Prime packs from Wednesday
  • The Jio Prime plans come into effect from April 1, 2017
  • Reliance Jio Prime Plans are available till March 31, 2017

What Is Reliance Jio Prime Subscription Plan?
Reliance Jio Prime subscription plans are now available for consumers to choose from. Until March 31, both new Reliance Jio subscribers and those enrolled in the Happy New Offer can upgrade to the Jio Prime subscription for an annual fee of Rs. 99. This subscription has a validity until March 31, 2018. Apart from the one-time fee, Jio Prime subscribers will need to buy a Jio Prime plan or pack to avail the benefits, and can now choose from a wide variety of prepaid and postpaid options.

How to Subscribe to Reliance Jio Prime Subscription Plans?
So, how do you subscribe to Reliance Jio Prime? Reliance Jio says you can either head to the MyJio app to subscribe to the Jio Prime service, or use the website. You can also choose to visit any Jio store or Jio partner store near you to enrol for the plan.

When Can I Start My Reliance Jio Prime Subscription?
Reliance Jio notes that if new subscribers buy a Reliance Jio SIM before March 3, Friday, they will enjoy Jio Happy New Year benefits until March 31. If they buy a Jio SIM after March 4, Saturday, they will need to apply for the Rs. 99 Jio Prime subscription right away if they want to enjoy unlimited benefits until March 31, 2017.

Which Jio Prime Plans Are Available Now?
To recall, Reliance Jio had last week disclosed just the new Rs. 303 monthly tariff plan when it announced the subscription. The new Jio Prime plans are now listed on the company's website and are divided for Postpaid and Prepaid customers, alongside the regular non-Prime plans. Non-prime plans have the same tariffs, however, do not come with the same benefits. So for example, if you're a Prime subscriber then a Rs. 19 one-day plan gets you 200MB data, but, non-Prime subscribers get just 100MB of data.


Those interested in Jio Prime prepaid plans can buy from the following packs: Rs.19 - which comes with one day validity, and also offers 200MB 4G data; Rs. 49 - comes with three days validity, and offers 600MB 4G data; Rs. 96 - which comes with seven days validity, and offers 7GB 4G data with a cap of 1GB daily data, and Rs. 149 - comes with 28 days validity, and comes with 2GB 4G data, and 100 SMS cap. Notably, all Jio Prime plans offer unlimited voice calls to all operators as well as on roaming. Reliance Jio's Rs. 303 plan, which was announced last week, comes with 28 days validity and offers 28GB 4G data with 1GB daily data cap.

Some of the other packs available for Jio subscribers wishing to switch to prepaid include Rs. 499 pack - comes with 28 days validity, and offers 56GB 4G data with a daily limit of 2GB. Reliance Jio will be also offering some long-term plans to its prepaid subscribers - Rs. 999 pack will come with 60 days validity, and offers 60GB 4G data with no daily limit. Other packs listed are Rs. 1,999 (90 days), Rs. 4,999 (180 days), and Rs. 9,999 (360 days) with 4G data limit of 125GB, 350GB, and 750GB 4G data respectively.

Some of the postpaid offers available for Jio subscribers include Rs. 303 which offers 28GB 4G data for a month with 1GB daily data limit; Rs. 499 pack which offers 58GB data with 2GB data limit per day, and Rs. 999 that offers 60GB data for a month. All postpaid packs will follow bill cycle for validity.

What Are Reliance Jio Booster Packs?
Additionally, Reliance Jio has also listed Booster packs for consumers if they have run out of data in the middle of the month, they can take a data add on to continue using uninterrupted Internet. The Booster packs include Rs. 51 that offers 1GB 4G data; Rs. 91 offering 2GB data; Rs. 201 offering 5GB data, and Rs. 301 offering 10GB data.

When Do Reliance Jio Prime Plans Become Effective?
The Jio Prime plans come into effect from April 1, 2017, the day the existing Jio Happy New Year Offer expires. To recall, the company last week announced its new Jio Prime subscription plan, which will now charge over 100 million subscribers for data and other services from April 1.