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Methods to Prevent Electricity Leakage

Methods to Prevent Electricity Leakage

Leakage on Consumer’s premises

As per Clause 37(i) of Supply Code and Performance Standards
Regulations, 2007, if Earth Leakage/ LED indicator, provided on electronic meters, is found ‘ON’ then it shall be the duty of Licensees’ meter reader, who checks the meter every month, to inform the consumer that there is leakage in the premises and advise him to get his wiring checked and leakage removed. He shall also inform concerned district manager/division manager about the leakage. The consumer may take prompt action to check leakage and avoid higher consumption and safety hazards.

Use of Earth Leakage Protective device

Section 61A of The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 states that the supply of energy to every electrical installation of 5 kW and above shall be controlled by an earth leakage protective device so as to disconnect the supply instantly on the occurrence of earth fault or leakage of current. In accordance with this section, consumer having sanctioned load equal to or more than 5kW has to install

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) at his premises. This is an important safety measure for all consumers.


As per Clause 36 of Supply Code and Performance Standards Regulations, 2007, if at the time of testing of installation, the licensee’s representative finds that there is defect in the consumer wiring, he shall serve notice in writing to make such modifications, as are necessary to render the installation safe.

Meter Test Certificate

The consumer should take meter test certificate from licensee at the time of installation of meter or subsequently request the licensee to provide one where this has not been provided at the time of installation.

Neutral Looping

Neutral Looping occurs when outgoing neutral of the consumer’s meter is connected to incoming neutral of another consumer’s meter. This results in meter recording higher consumption. To avoid neutral looping, all incoming neutral wires to consumer meter should be energized through busbars. The problem is more prominent in the case of multi-storey buildings. The consumer may keep the internal wiring exclusive to the connection and ensure that there is no interconnection with any other consumer’s meter. Please have your wiring checked by a licensed electrical contractor to ensure this does not take place in your premises so as to avoid higher bills.