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Ministry of Interior of UAE Services App

Ministry of Interior of UAE Services App

MOI UAE provides smart services to be used by individuals and companies as well. The application provides services that covers three main sectors of the Ministry of Interior of United Arab Emirates, which are the following:

  • Traffic and Licensing (Vehicles Licensing, Driver Licensing, Traffic Fines and Plates Services)
  • Civil Defense (Institutions Licensing, Trading Companies Licensing, Drawings Approvals, Prevention and Safety Procedures for Vehicles and Awareness and Training Services)
  • Police Headquarters (Criminal Status, E-Police in Your Mobile, Home Security and Prisoners Visit)

In addition to the smart services, the application provides many smart features such as the nearest service center location as well as a ticketing service to book your appointments before heading to service centers. It also provides news and information about the Ministry of Interior of United Arab Emirates.

The main role of Ministry of Interior (MoI) is to:

protect state security

create, organise and supervise police and security forces

regulate road traffic

provide protection and security of establishments and property.

The ministry integrates the police and security systems in the UAE.

Local police authorities in each emirate are responsible for maintaining law and order in the respective emirates.

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